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Nutritionist's & dietitian's services

Wesley Nutrition Centre is an experienced dietetic and nutrition consultancy that provides services to a range of clients.

After more than 15 years providing advice to individuals and families at the Auchenflower clinics, we have moved premises and changed the focus of services that are offered. We have closed the clinics and now focus on nutrition communication, resources and products.

Clients for these services include food industry, medical, health and pharmaceutical sectors, media and communications, education, and health promotion sectors. Trudy is an award-winning dietitian and author. Her more than 30 years of dietetic experiences give her a special insight and understanding of how to interpret your requirements or goals into something valuable that consumers want.  

Trudy provides technical advice, supports and researches promotional and marketing angles, and assists with your communication strategies. Significant projects that she has been involved with include interpretive advice for advertising, packaging and point-of-sale materials, recipe nutritional analysis for restaurants and other food services, and technical advice for IT professionals to develop and test complex dietary analysis software for a health promotion project.

Please note that the clinics have now closed and Wesley Nutrition Centre no longer offers private dietetic consultations to members of the general public.

Accredited Practising Dietitians are also Accredited Nutritionists. Accreditations are governed by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).


To discuss your needs, please call 0407 117 030.