Media interviews and appearances

Below you'll find a brief summary of some of Trudy's media interviews and appearances about children's health and nutrition.

To contact Trudy for an interview or request a freelance story, please email info@foodtalk.com.au.

  • Jan 22, 2013. Trudy was invited by The Qld Minister for Health to join him and The Minister for Education to present to the media about Back to School Lunches. In the following days, coverage that we stumbled across or others told us about, was seen in Noosa and Ipswich newspapers as well as on Channel 9 TV and their associated websites. Further coverage was likely so if you spotted Trudy on any other stations or newspapers, shoot us an email. For some easy ideas about school lunches, click here.
  • During 2012, Trudy joined up with 612-ABC during their Swap-It Don't Stop It campaign. She continues to provide nutrition commentary on a range of topics with Kellie Higgins-Devine and Tim Cox.
  • July 2011. Woman's Day continues their kids' nutrition features using "this=that child size". This time focusing on school lunch boxes.
  • Jan 24, 2011 issue of Woman's Day. Super Snacks featured more ideas and images from "this=that child size"
  • Jan 2011 in Brisbane News
  • Feb 2011 Issue of Good Health magazine. Mentioned in Lunch Box Lessons written by Emma Stirling
  • Jan 2011 issue of HOME magazine. Feature article by Trudy Williams "Tips for Fussy Little Eaters"
  • Dec 23, 2010 Gold Coast Bulletin. Featured in "Kids in the Kitchen" by Alice Gorman
  • Dec 12, 2010 Courier Mail Trudy Williams interviewed about "Fury over $500 KFC gift cards as nation battle obesity crisis"
  • Nov 8, 2010 issue of Woman's Day. Super Snacks featured ideas and images from "this=that child size"
  • Dec 2010 issue of MindFood - Book review for "this=that child size" on page 066. This is such a beautiful, informative magazine. So much excellent information across so many topics.
  • Nov 2010 in Brisbane's Child
  • Oct 27, 2010 in Westside News: "Book offers parents food for thought"
  • Sept 22, 2010 with Nicole Dyer on ABC Gold Coast FM. Fussy eaters - solutions and recipe idea.
  • Sept 6, 2010. On 612 ABC radio, live with Chris O'Brien on 'Mornings - learn something new' talking about the slippery topic of butter versus margarine. Which do you choose?
  • June 30, 2010. On 612 ABC radio, live during Drive with Chris O'Brien. Food labelling in fast food chains in Victoria.
  • June 26, 2010. On 612 ABC Qld-wide radio, live with Warren Boland. Do we have a 'second stomach'? How come kids can always find room for dessert even though the main plate is left unfinished? Trudy suggests it comes down to a factor she calls Triple S - sensory specific satiety. The 1st bite of pleasing food is always the best and as we continue to eat that specific food, our desire or interest in that food diminishes - we get bored with it and happily switch to something else.
  • February 21, 2010. On 612 ABC with Warren Boland. Are grandparents really to blame for a kid's obesity? A UK study suggests yes they are, especially when they care for the kids full time!