VIDEO clips from FoodTalkBites

Take a peak inside "this=that child size: a life-size photo guide to food serves". Watch other video-bites to learn a little more about food, diet and nutrition for kids and parents.

1. Discover how easy this book is to use in this video from YouTube.

If you go to the YouTube site, then you can add comments and subscribe to future videos.

Order directly from this site from the SHOP. There is no link below the video when it away from the YouTube site!

2. The 2nd video exposes the sugar content of lollies and shows how a tiny palm-full of lollies could be replaced by a plate of fruit to get a stack more nutrition yet the same energy level.

3. Find out how to pack a litter-free, healthy lunchbox. Leave the plastic wrap and foil in the drawer. Ditch the pre-packed, pre-wrapped single serves from the supermarket. You'll discover how easy it is to pack a great lunch that turns out to be healthier for everyone as well as the environment.

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