this=that child size: a life-size photo guide to food serves

Kids' diet & nutrition book

  • Have you ever wondered whether your children are getting all the nutrients and nourishment they really need?
  • How do you know whether your child is getting enough of the right foods to be healthy on the inside and outside: to grow well, think well, play well, and stay well?
  • Do you wonder whether your child’s diet needs to be improved?
  • Do you wonder whether your chubby child will grow out of his/her weight with age and getting taller?
  • Or if your child is skinny, what you can do to get the nutrition in and fill ‘em up?
  • And how can you help a fussy, fiddly child who refuses all your good meals and food?


Parents and grandparents think long and hard about the kids’ health and nutrition, so you are not alone when you do to. Food and meal times can be very stressful, especially when you have to juggle your work and lack of time with their desires and fussiness.

But now you can reduce that stress and worry and find out the answers to these and many other questions with the help an award-winning easy-to-follow book called "this=that child size".

"this=that child size":

    • shows how much food and how many serves your child needs for good nutrition, growth and health
    • shows what makes up a serve using bright colourful real food and drink photos
    • shows how to solve food jags and help turn fussy eaters around
    • includes more than 300 life-size photos of everyday foods and drink serves
    • has easy tips for turning troublesome eaters into healthy eaters
    • has 7 main food groups with foods ranging from fairy floss and fruit salad, chocolate to cheese, sushi to soft drink name it, you'll probably find it!
    • shows how to keep up with the energy needs of your child
    • covers boys and girls from ages 4 through to 13 years

There is nothing complicated about using this book – it is so very simple to use.

With this book

    • you'll no longer have to waste time reading food labels
    • you can stop being tricked by cunning advertising claims
    • you will reduce your stress, worry and anxiety about whether your kid is having enough of the 'good stuff'
    • you'll find it surprisingly easy to balance your child's food wants and their needs simply by comparing life-size photos
    • you can actually see whether your child is having enough of every food group and if not, how to improve it

and much more….

Who wrote this book? Trudy Williams is an Australian Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. She has drawn on her 30 years as a dietitian helping mums and dads sort through nutrition and diet issues to bring you the very best road-tested diet and nutrition advice. You can be certain and confident that what you’ll see and read in the book is true.

This book is like no other book on kids’ diet and nutrition – that’s why it won silver in 2010 from the Australian Food Media Awards and it has been featured in national and local media such as the Woman’s Day and 612-ABC radio.

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