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Find out what to feed your child for the best of health with KidsFoodTalk.

Be sure that your child is getting enough nutrition even if they are a little fussy with some expert tips from Nutritionist and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Trudy Williams.

Trudy delivers some nifty solutions and tips that make it easier for you to feed your child well.

You will look at food and nutrition in a totally fresh new way. And you will stop worrying about whether your child is eating well.

  • These books are a perfect thank-you gift for teachers and child-carers. Grandparents and parents will love a copy as a present as well.
  • "this=that child size" helps to focus your child's eating and nutrition in the kinder, prep years and primary school. Grab a second copy for your child's favourite teacher and while you're there, a copy for each set of grandparents. When you get more than 1 copy, the total delivered price drops down further. Your child is worth it. 
  • Discover easy ways to get your child to eat well from a wide variety of foods to break through the fussy stages
  • Find out more about the award-winning nutrition book "this=that child size: a life-size photo guide to kids' food serves" and how it will help you and your child
  • Watch some of our super-short food and nutrition videos
  • Pick up some great tips on what to pack in a healthy lunch box that the kids will eat
  • Whether your child is overweight or underweight, you'll discover some easy tips right here
  • Discover more about food serve sizes and portion control for children aged 4 to 13 years
  • Find out what makes up a good diet for your child
  • For recipes and nutrition tips for under 5s and babies check out this free download
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KidsFoodTalk is growing just like your child and is updated regularly, so please visit us again soon.

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